Ni kumulikwa

Talkers there I this icon that popped up on my phone’s taskbar this morning and I suspect my senior Thatcher might have installed a monitoring app on the phone ndio nishikwe. Advise if this icon is suspect. The one on the right hand side of the taskbar next to WiFi icon on the image below. The one oval in shape with 3 spikes[ATTACH=full]272950[/ATTACH]

Not necessarily… Have a look at this … However, that does not mean that she has not put some spy software on your phone… if you got it as a gift from her or her accomplishes, it could be loaded with spyware which does not display anything for you to see but sends messages and pictures to the target servers for her to download… spyware works like a virus

That is an “Eye Care” icon on most smart phones. Once on, it helps on reducing phone’s glare on your eyes. Takes “care” of your eyes.

kwanini unawacha khupipi khuingieko kwa sim?

Thanks guys this is why I like this forum. I just managed to switch it off. Roundi moja ya keg kwenu

The guilty are afraid…

It is also what despots like using to go after those who tell the truth :slight_smile:

Did you mean on the left side?

It’s eye protection settings not app, be cool hombre unaniharibia handas

despot ni patented word ya Miguna