Ni kubaya

Kyrgitts Post,

So all along the Jubilee Party certificate has been in William’s house in Karen. Hence the reason Murathe made the outburst that they can leave the party with him.

The only force capable of taking down William is Raila himself on the ballot. Nothing else. I am privy to very privileged information that the coalition around which deep state is organizing has Raila as a ceremonial figurehead while a different individual as the presidential contender now that they unfortunately have to approach 2022 without the referendum that was supposed to ‘fix’ things.

A fatal mistake would be to underestimate this battle hardened teetotaler. Do not take for granted someone who stays until 2am scheming and up by 4am planning.

And we all know you can’t rig out William impishly. Any rigging would need to be done extremely meticulously and the first person you’d need to convince that William lost is William himself. These are hardened politicians who have gone through all including the historic Serena negotiations. He commands the largest parliamentary and civic groupings and has permeated across tribal boundaries. Things will be ‘Hard Small’…

All is not lost though. Plan. Organize. Strategize. Don’t overestimate yourselves.

Let us assume that Deep State rigs the election in 2022. What will William do? Without the Luo to riot alongside him he’ll be toast. Plus the ‘diaspora’ Kikuyus have already cast their lots with him so he can’t use them as bargaining chips (if you know you know). Someone once said of Museveni…“People forget that nobody stays in power for that long by playing fair’”

Ukiibiwa kura

If you don’t have a major following in the capital city that can bring it to a standstill or a millitia well armed, civil disobedience from rural areas like uasin gishu or bungoma is irrelevant and can be smashed in a week.


The 20 or so kalenjins that live in Langata will block Langata road :D:D

There’s nothing much he will do, Uhuru is equally hardened, if William Ruto was all that, He would be in State House completing his second term.
Instead, it’s Uhuru finishing his second term. People like Jomo, Arap Moi, waKibaki and Uhuru made because they had what it takes to be The President of .ke. whether Ruto has what it takes, time will tell.
A question for you, what extraordinary will WSR pull that RAO hasn’t pulled ?

Certificate si ni makaratasi tu hata kuna zangu zingine nishachoma… same to an MOU vile Raila alikaushwa na Kibaki…

Well armed militia?

hamchokagi kusoma na kuongea ujinga ?

How is this privileged information??

Who will the this militia target ?

Upus wa base za veve…

WSR has nothing to threaten the deep state. Tinga was a formidable force and eventually he had to be tamed.if we can remember, so many people rubbished the mock swearing in that tinga had planned, people argued that it can never happen under the sun.what enabled the event to materialize is the masses + militia. Tinga assembled his militia and the masses at Uhuru park.we can remember people being ferried from different corners of tho country to Uhuru park.
Intelligence officers on the ground noted people had an array of weapons. From crude to sophisticated weapons. They had to notify there seniors. After deliberations, interior security thought instead of a bloodshed between tinga supporters and police, the mock swearing in to proceed as intended, but out of intimidation, they shut down the media not to air the proceedings.
WSR doesn’t command even a quarter of the is he perceived as a threat?the elephant in the room is dining and filling his belly



Kama umexhoka lala.


Raila without Jubilee is a formidable opponent. Ruto without Jubilee is toast.
Who needs who?

Rails and Lootal may be in the same government 2022, politics is matters of interests


Ruto needs Raila and these two will be together by mid next year

stays until 2am scheming and up by 4am planning. one wouldthink this writer sleeps in the same bed as private developer