Ni kubaya


They want to play with their father’s testicles?
Hakuna loan tena

Lakini Gatheca ako huko saa hii akijaza forms na credit manager.

Hii ni hujuma.


Nadia kukamua kuma ya mchinku

Mr Okoth apambane na hali yake pole pole, Okoth Man wanted to tap foreign pu$$y for ksh200, at the city center .
You ain’t getting laid laid for that much, in a radius of 100km from the city center.

Wanaume kuwageni realistic. Usombose vitu exotic halafu u-expect kulipa 200?

this Okoth guy is a joker.

Hata hao busybodies wakue serious.


:smiley: Is this letter genuine?

Very jenuin!

B"The temptation was mammoth and proved too much for Mr. Okoth and he regrettably yielded to the advances of the Chinese prostitute."[/B]

Nitajitetea hivi binguni nikiulizwa kwanini I was sinning often.


was also almost quoting that part too. Huyu anafaa awekwe VS haraka atupee hekaya moto za chinese coomer :D:D:D:D

Huyo Ndege Sirkal ni ile side kick ya babu owino?

I don’t think if it is.

Hiyo jina ya chairman ni suspicious, eti Okung’ Ndege Serika, ni kama ingine niliona eti Derep Ruoth :D:D:D

Ndege Sirkal was babu’s campaign manager in campus and hapo Emba…Tibim, Tialala and all those things babu used to say you now know where they used to manufacture them