Ni kubaya, time for tertiary virgnity

What is this now ?

Kapoti naskia una practice septenary virginity

Hio ni Gani ama ni Ile coomer imepumzika for a day after 1000 body count


Valentine’s day advance warning to our lovely Kenian sisters

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@TrumanCapote :

I keep saying here …
It is all due to the really bad life choices that so many young ladies make …

Running after Mama’s boys , Immature Juvenile Morons and semi-faggots …

Go out and get yourself a REAL Man and reap all the rewards that go with one …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@TrumanCapote :

Any plans for 14th February …??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bouquet::revolving_hearts:

I send my close female relatives ( young, unmarried) a valentines gift each year. So that Nigerians can’t get them with a bottle of cheap wine. They always laughed at my theatrics. And it made me feel small. But two years ago, I missed. I actually had it from someone else that I didn’t send them their valentines. Iliwauma sana just starring at the ceiling that February 14th.

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hapana kula wao kama ababu Namwamba.Pia yeye hakuwa anakosa kutumia his nieces gifts during valentine lakini alikua akiwakula one by one.

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Women only galentine on Sato. No further plans with members of the dangerous gender until this animal is apprehended by the law.

So he speaks fluent swa, which means he lived in Kenya at least 4 years. Has a peculiar look. And neighbors don’t know him? Men, women, kids???
And not one but several…

But Kenyans complain and are fearful all day now? Doesn’t add up.

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