Ni Kubaya..these will happen in the next one prediction

The kenya army and police will split along tribal lines. Kenya will go the South Sudan way.
The Moi family and Kenyatta family properties will be invaded.
Ruto will cause a revolution against the two families. Their properties will be invaded and burned in Rift and Central.
The Odinga family will survive because the Luos worship him.
The military will take over their areas of control based on their tribal groupings.
Prepare for the worst.

None of these will happen Mr Doom

Non sense

You dream too much my son. Ruto does not have that influence. If Raila didnt do that Ruto cant. Kwanza as time goes his influence will be weakened

Rubbish. I asked you how old you are.

A juvenile mafwi tucker tucker post


Umelipua mshuto wote…

not a chance , the globalists see Kenya as a strategic area where they can easily impose their will on the whole continent.
They would rather take out leaders who don’t go along with their plan than plunge the country in chaos

Ulinunua cooker ingine

The closest they came to doing this was in 2007. Won’t happen again.

This might not be that far fetched. Kaburu created Kenya we have not yet created kenyans. We glorify our tribal differences and passive our Political opponents as enemies.

Unafikiria kdf ni kama hiyo omujeshi ya south Sudan. Kdf are not some militia. They’re a professional army that has proven itself in numerous deployments globally without incident

Nani ana odds za weekend?

Ruto is bigger than Raila has ever been, Ruto has majority support single-handedly, Raila has never earned support of the Majority without depending on coalitions


Joke of the day. What will happen when elections are stolen? Who will demonstrate or cause violence other than kalenjins?

Unatuuzia uoga. Do you really know Kenyans? Watakuaibisha hao watu

especially [SIZE=1]in[/SIZE]VESTGATE

@spear we know your handwriting. Ruto ni mshuto passing glance.