Ni kubaya, matiti zinauzwa huku eastleigh

You are making fun of a woman with breast cancer, there is a special place in hell for your kind

I watched this video yesterday its about a reformed gangster who used to drug ladies and cut thier right breast to sell for profit…

Ah manze why did you have to do that uko na tabia ya kuharibia watu thread you are a real party pooper

Nope, io stori ni ndefu mpaka iko na part 2 lakini bado hawaja upload. This could easily be turned into an action movie.

Thanks for the heads up.

Buda,si uko na kiherehere


That’s how i became MCA hapa kangemi

Knowing ebru, of coz there is some scripting going on with that kastory there. But all said and done; that guy is not reformed. Psychopaths are born that way. There is no changing them.

Kachinja noma was the boogeyman in my time

This man cannot reform. He should be put down

Madam izo zako ata 120k zitafika…vitu swafi