Ni kubaya huku

Ktalk mbirrionaire amekipata

Nini imehappen hapa? Hii gari ni kama ta haijamaliza mwaka tangu iwe imported if the number plates are anything to go by, kwani mwenyewe alisota araka sana aje?

stupid question

Uncle @uwesmake nini mbaya hapa

Must have been sacked or contract cancelled

The Cheque bounced and he was operating on an Overdraft.

Maybe ni wale bonobos husema wanunue gari kubwa to “network” and look for “deals” halafu wanasoma the hard way Nairobi ni shamba la mawe. Nobody is going to give you any deals just because you have a sleek vehicle. People aren’t dumb like that anymore, especially people giving out the deals pale procurement offices.

30k salo na unataka kuishi runda

Nielimishe izo tenders zinapeanwa aje. Lakini hii gari nimeona ikitamba sana huko Twitter inakaa ni ya bigwig fulani. Hukumbuki juzi tu De Sagu akipeleka wajinga ati kuchukua blessings kwa wazazi kumbe pesa ilikuwa kuundisha Prado alikuwa ameget nayo accident

These were probably business assets biashara ikaenda chini…ukitoka hapa nje uingie local yako you will notice a change in fortunes ya so many people after August last year. Some have become overnight millionaires while others have lost their million dollar deals. If you know anyone who used to supply the likes of kdf, interior, state house, schools, health and roads hebu check on them…wanaumia sai. Kuna rafiki amebaki na bitumen drums 1k…itabidi atoboke ndio auze…lorry zake mingi za kazi zimelala sasa.

Sad to see someone’s dreams melt away like that. Whatever the deal is, I hope the man recovers.

Hizi zinakaa mandai za Kevin kobia

An idiot and his borrowed money are better parted. 4 personal guzzlers for what?

This is very true. What seems to elude my mind is why do many people focus on government tenders instead of serving customers in the private sector? Many of my friends have taken tenders with county governments and usually deride me when I focus on my day-to-day customers wakiniambia sina ambition. Halafu 9 months down the line, after someone has used up all his money to do a government tender, anazungushwa hapa kule pesa haijaingia kwa account na amesota, unaona anakuja akiniambia nimuokolee a few 100Ks atanilipa pesa ikishaingia kwa account (atalipa aje na hakuna dalili ya tender kulipwa).

This, in my view is where we have gone wrong. We have elevated and allowed government (a net consumer and in reality, a beggar with gangster tendencies and insatiable appetite to consume more and more while adding no value) to have control of a huge chunk of our economy. This has now turned in to an economic disaster. Na bado tu tunasukuma tupewe tenders na serikali. This needs to be stopped and reversed. Let Ministry of Public Works (or whatever alias it goes by nowadays) do all public works - otherwise what is its justification for existence-, and all other parastatals supply the government with what it needs. The rest of us we focus on powering the private sector and the economy.

Kenya hakuna akili ya kufanya hayo unayosema. Just look at the faces in cabinet. It looks like common sense but common sense ain’t that common.

Fat Ass uko state house hujakaushwa chakula urudi ukae skinny like your bros wenye hufanya piracy?

I know of guys who are now suffering since some Gavanas are no longer in office.

Spot on

Hii mambo ya kuchase (bribe) public tenders naonanga ikiwa ufala. Kuna a civil contractor buddy of mine he almost became an alcoholic juu ya stwess ya kufuata payment yake after sinking in millions to build for the guys

Kuna an engineer friend of mine alifanyia kiambu county kazi enzi zile. Amefuata payment mpaka ni kama mawaya zimeanza kuachana kwa kichwa. Tukikutana kushika chupa after beer mbili anakimbia kwa gari kwenda kuleta documents uone vile pesa yake imelala kiambu. Among the documents are petition letters to several govt offices including the DPP. Unamusikilia huruma na kuitisha round ingine. Amelamba glucose mpaka akachoka.

Don’t be naive. The private sector doesn’t dish out tenders to anyone. They require competence and you must deliver according to the terms. It will take you forever to become a billionaire in the private sector because that’s actual work. Meanwhile, I’d rather supply air to some parastatal, hire some corrupt suits to bribe a judge, and keep 90% of the money. The guy in the private sector will need 10+ years to make that cash legitimately. Looting public resources is the fastest route to billionairedom in KE. That’s a known verified fact. I don’t support it, but Kenyans aren’t stupid. They know tenders exist in the private sector but kuomoka huko ni ngumu without the reputation, expertise, and decades of doing projects.

Most people in Karen, Runda, Muthaiga etc have served in government at some point in their life na hapo ndipo walitoa pesa. I’d say more than half of Kenya’s dollar millionaires have served in government or profited from government tenders.