ni kubaya elders

Kwani ulikua upewe CS chief? Hio imeenda!

Halafu wakasuguana mikia na @Kodiaga hapo nyuma ya Harry’s tavern.

am fighting for integrity

In the MAFIA world, agreements are binding. Let the president settle all agreements he made with his loyal men & women.
Once he has done this, his hands will be clean. Then NIS will rally the public against specific appointees so that they get replaced.
Now the story will be, it’s you who failed after I gave you the role and it’s the public that noticed your incompetence.
In 2027, he will cement his legacy by working with technocrats, no more politicians.

A friend of mine works for DPP, we used to meet twice a week for lunch. He had so much free time but these days he’s rarely available. The appointment of several judges by Ruto means that most pending cases in the courts will get dispensed with. Unlike in the past where DPP and DCI could sit on their asses as a case goes cold or they ask for an extension the courts are now denying extensions so kama DCI and DPP hawana enough evidence the cases will be thrown out.

Wewe when uhuru was president,ulichukua visa ya wapi?

I elected president Ûhuru three times and I never regretted or ranted anywhere.

so we lose a 5 years of development because a thug made deals with fellow thugs?

Rao stopped fighting in 1997 once Moi gave him a taste of government money… It has been downhill since then.
Can’t say I blame him though

Raila is a greedy monster who benefits from the blood of his idiotic followers. Karua is just a typical rudderless btch. The b#**r didn’t resign from Kibakis government because she believed there was corruption among her fellow ministers. She did so because she was angered after being side-stepped for the position of DPM which was given to Ûhuru. She believed that that post belonged to her after fighting ODM thugs during the PEV period. She is one btch who doesn’t forgive and carries grudges to the grave.

It is honestly time over for Raila, it’s just that reality hasn’t dawned completely on him. When you start hitting your late seventies, you go down hill so fast that an year looks like 5yrs of aging. Give him three years and you will see another biden, being told what to say and do. He should seriously now start grooming kalonzo or else he will retire shamefully as a luo tribal leader. I see him trying to hit hard to show that he still has that mojo but I know it isn’t going to last long.

Kenya is headed the (current) Peru way.
A weakened executive by the local western machinery NGO’s, Judicial “activism”, local coon(s)/kitchen toto the diapher wearing fella from Bondo,.
The west has Kenya by the balls, that is why a hurstler has to run to Ra[SIZE=1]n[/SIZE]DAN!, Washington to be officially baptised by fire ili kazi iendelee.
That is why the guillible are in a newly realised but WOKE “shock”.
But again, you are not a citizen(Mwenye-), but a mere (Mwana-) subject of the social construct!

I support proper demos. But some of the demos we see around make more negative impact on the current state of affairs than the expected benefits.

Because all these efforts is ultimately never for Wanjiku but rather for edging closer to ikhulu!