ni kubaya elders

as Matiangi said we have elected pure thugs into govt and we will feel the pain for generations.

The president felt aggrieved by the 4 commissioners of which he has a right , but what he did next showed kenya headed in the wrong direction . the president played his game and got the tribunal he wanted to take the 4 home so it was predetermined . he got Muchelule to head the tribunal .

Judge Muchelule

this is a known corrupt judge , who was even arrested barely nine months ago in his chambers whereby he was with a fellow judge discussing how to divide illicit loot yes the other judge is a known conman justice Chitembwe who had with him thousands of DCI treated dollars . so as i am trying to say Muchelule is corrupt and will come out with the results SINGH wants. Muchelule owns alot of land in kakamega which he cant even explain.

-corrupt Justice Kantai and the mungich lady killed Cohen , her case has been dropped after the Kenya kwanza govt came in .

  • KPC director thugs were acquitted this week whereby Kenyans lost 1.7 billion kshs in a dubious contract in the kisumu jetty
  • the same magistrate released gachagua after looting.

Clueless Martha Koome is just sitting pretty like some full cow chewing cud.

NOW ELDERS WHAT WILL PROVE ALL THESE IS THIS---- Justice Chitembwe was found with cases to answer , from working with some thugs to defraud some widows land at the coast (hii tuliona live on Sonko leaks complete videos of him soliciting and receiving money ) to the other video evidence of him receiving treated DCI money and moving to Muchelules office to divide the money . he was supended and a tribunal was formed.

wacha niwapige predictions za hii 10 year Kenya Kwanza govt .

-Chitembwe WILL BE FOUND INNOCENT and promoted within two years to the Supreme court
_Muchelule will make it to the Supreme court
_ Kantai will make it to the Apex court

Mosad will not allow the Cohen murder to go hivo tu so huyo mungich Wairimu b4 2027 atakuwa jehanamu.

It was “kubaya” from the get Ngo!
You had two choices in mharo vs matapishi.
Si ati watu hawajui na waneamkia ndoto?
Bottomline, ukisema ukweli, unaitwa mkabila, wamachungu, unatuonea, ama una kasoro kwa njia ya utumiaji wa matusi.
Mkenya ni mtu mjinga, si kwasababu ya kuzaliwa tukiwa wajinga ila masomo ya nchini yamepangwa ili mwenyenchi awe na ufahamu warobo.(face value).
Tunawaona mashupavu wa wizi ya uma, walio hodari kabisa kupayuka kwa sauti ya juu wakitusiana na kuchongowana kama mfano bora wakueakilishswa!

MwenyeKenya ni kipofu aliyopotea njia kisha hajifahamu na uwezo wa uzalendo wake ndio amejikosea heshma akijishukisha garama kwa ubaraka wake na anatabasamu ukimuita mwanaKenya. :meffi:
Licha anafurahia sana na kunuinulia kundu alyemuajiri na hatuna shida tukiwapigia saluti za heshma makanga æ, mboch, chali wa kukamua wote hawa tunawaabudu tukiwaira waheshimiwa.

So if you’ve just woken up and “realised” that “nikubaya” just bcoz the fare has been hiked, maybe you are the source of problem in having such as your leaders.
We can all do better

truth be told, you get the most competent lawyers and they will argue for and against the standstill/relationship between Uhuru and Maraga, lakini hii ya Ruto na Martha Koome ni ukora tupu, none of them has the best interest for judiciary or the republic at large, and no lawyer worth his salt can defend the relationship between the later.

Watu wa Azimio si mtafute visa muwache these bitter daily rants jameni?!

NI kunoma I say. But watu wakule ujeuri yao

Uwesmeffi unasumbua

Sasa Hii ndio story mulipiga Jana base ya busaa

Foundation ilikua mbaya.

You think mossad care about every jews predicament ? anyway you are correct about the rest , arap mashamba is collecting people with everything to lose and giving them posts , they will forever be his marionettes ! We have a rough ride ahead !

Hiyo kesi ya Cohen is what surprised me… it’s like they made a deal with the mungich lady to share the loot of the departed na story ishe hivo coz after all cohen had less than 5 relatives in Kenya wenye hawana hata shughuli na mali yake

Would the other group of thugs been better? Hard to tell


Cherera four failed to substantiate their claims, sasa wakifanyiwa due process suddenly the country is falling apart? Kuna watu wanauza woga na wengi zaidi wananunua.

im sure baba angechukua presidency sahii country ingekuwa imeharibika. at least ruto is working slowly, baba naye angekuwa anaamka anatoa amri kila siku kama dictator na hio watu yake kina junet na joho.


Livestock za baboon endeleeni kuuma ndimu tu

Hakuna kubebewa akili imepita hii ya jobless people being incited to riot for the sake of four job positions whose owners don’t give a fuack about how much change is left when you buy 1kg unga with 200 bob.

RAO AND kARUA HAVE A RECORD OF fighting for Keneyans rights . Karua resigned as minister when she discovered corruption by her seniors

In my opinion Tob Cohen was murdered by fellow Jews, older ones at that. If a Kikuyu woman wants you dead, she will not poison you or bind you.

She will beat you to death with a metal rod, stub you, or burn you with hot liquid. Why they chose this violent mode of death is not clear.

Why I say Jewish is that he was bound. One thing to look at is the binding. Those knots were not just knots, they were done by skilled knotters, something most youngins have not idea how to do.

In the talmund, it says a jew may not commit murder. However, indirect murder is permissible. That means he can bind you and leave you without food. If you die, it’s not technically murder according to the laws of the faith. A young person would not have known this, even jewish one.



dont be myopic boss