Ni Kubaya: Commuters invoke spiritual intervention as they pass through Kainuk. Who will stop these bandits?

Right now passing Kainuk to Lokichar you need prayers!


:D:D:D:D:D @Circledot unaskiaje hiyo maneno. Hata @Berlin Oxford akihamia huko atabaki kwa bedsiter

Mi sai niko kwa 4 bedroom own compound.


Upusss … ya hali ya juu. Hakuna kitu mraia ya Kenya inambia rustlers across the board. You attack Pokot be sure you will be fighting a combined force of both Pokot n Turkana rustlers. The government … is considered a common adversary. Y’all just scratching the surface without understanding the dynamics…

Nothing is bigger to government. If you would know how government dealth with Sabaot land defense forces you will not be speaking

God forbid these guys turn to Islam, we will have a Boko Haram situation like Nigeria.

I know very well the capacity and capabilities of our security forces. Probably more than anyone here. Governments world over are unable to deal with insurgency … you surely must know that. SLDF were merely nothing more than an organised gang. For us you are talking about a community that can mobolize a bigger fighting force than your military in short notice, that is heavily armed and well adapted to the theatre of engagement. I doubt even the government is stupid enough to start an insurgency where there is none. It could easily go dangerously wrong and out of control very fast. The repercussions could be costly and last for decades. Trust me, the government knows its not worth it. Other alternatives will have to be employed… no way out. Its the only way out. We won’t back down in a full scale fight … till we all drop dead. Thats just who we are.

Anus licker, acha urongo. Ulipata hustle fund ya start-up?

usijali baba, one day utafika. meanwhile, sahii ukileta mgeni kwa bedsitter hawezi kua na freedom ya kunamba kwa choo

Kama Biden ameshindwa ku implement gun control laws kwa redheads uko majuu saa ndo itakuwa kenya

Hii kitu ni complicated elders

Gaza mnataka aje hasa?

Nothing. Just let us be with our way of life unless you provide a better alternative. Which you don’t. So we will fight any threat to our way of life and the continuous survival of our people. At any cost to us. Are you prepared to sacrifice the same. I bet not.

Sa unapata mtu anapita hana story na nyinyi mnamuangusha Bure Bure tu

Wakiangusha ngombe zetu bure bure tu …walidhani sisi ni vipii. Sisi hatupendi madharau aisee. I will say it one more time … if it gets down to it. Y’all won’t like it. We can flood ur streets with guns u know. Consider that … war is ugly, don’t think it won’t find you. Y’all keep beating the drums … till shit hits the fan.

Kama Kuna watu naogopa ni nyinyi, my bro is a former ocpd pale kapenguria. Alitoka huko akaskia fiti.

Wewe gaza, tunakujua, you think your community is bigger than the whole nation. Kwerra kabisa na hizi vitisho

Yes … my community is bigger than an amalgamation of tribes called Kenya. I will die for my community, I will not die for this Nation tho’. Si vitisho … thats just how it is. Otherwise you would of done something about it decades ago.

Mimi nitakuambia tu bure bila kukudanganya - The biggest thug anywhere you’ll ever go is the government. If the government wanted that issue to be solved, itaisha na siku chache sana. Don’t ever, EVER, think you are bigger than ANY government. ANY!

Hizo sijui insurgency, banditry na kadhalika huwa ni biashara ya wakubwa ndani ya serikali na military. And in some cases, financiers are big entities in developed nations. Suppliers of arms and recipients of the proceeds of crime like rustling are as well big entities.

Terrorism is big business.

Tusiongee mengi but wewe jua tu serikali ikitaka hio kitu iishe, ni kilio tutaskia juu hawataanza na wale watu wa chini.