Ni Kama Katanuka Huko Yues

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This country is fucked sio ati nini ama nini. On the bright side Africa may get a chance to advance since it’s not longer being bottlenecked by racists from 2 different continents.

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Abbot is campaigning for the Gop nomination in 2028…Tell him to ask Desanti what it takes.

Razor wires are for what

Sodom is stolen land. Everyone is invited

Torn between letting immigrants in by the millions to bring about eternal decline of yuess. And stopping them demoncrats.

Good question. The border war is not a political but a humanity issue…with racial undertones. People don’t want to accept it’s not economic anxiety. It’s racial anxiety. It’s demographic panic.

It’s why Trump White voters are actively saying yes, we want a dictatorship. Yes, we want him to be a dictator. Yes, we like autocracy.

"The Republican base actively embraces Trump’s grievances. It emulates his pettiness. It supports his childlike inability to accept responsibility. These voters are not sighing in resignation and voting for the lesser of two or three or four evils. They are getting what they want. Because they, too, are set on revenge.’”

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After elections kutakuwa na claims za elections fraud na civil war itaanza. Walahi na vile yues raiya wako na AR15 etc

With leaders like Ruto whose plan for employment is to send the youth to work in Saudia hii ikabidi kuwa ndoto


So true. What’s your plan?