Ni Kama Kamjinga Kamedanganywa Tena!!!!

Kamelon is not in the final list of 16 presidential aspirants according to iebc. kaloser has also said that he will make a major announcement on monday. It’s like the coward has gone back to his abusers just like I had predicted few days ago. His political career is essentially over. Good riddance watermelon.

AOB: babu is still going to lose albeit with a reduced margin. Instead of a 2 million gap, he will be beaten with a 1.5 million margin.

Uzito ina come very soon.


Wiper Party has remained tight-lipped on reports stating that its leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, will announce his return to Azimio La Umoja on M[I]onday, May 30.

Insiders who spoke to [I][/I] stated that Kalonzo will make the announcement at a grand rally in Kilgoris, Narok County then proceed to Suswa on Tuesday, May 31.

Kalonzo will thereafter embark on a five-day Ukambani tour to campaign for Azimio La Umoja flagbearer, Raila Odinga.[/I] :D:D:D

When I read the title of the thread I thought you have finally come around to talking about Mudavadi :D:D

hehe na unahama kwa bedsitter lini

But seriously, nini mbaya na Kalonzo?

Wakamba wajinga wamezoea kubebwa kiufala. Kalonzo is like a dog that goes back to lick its own vomit

Kalonzo is a stupid entitled joker who overrates himself

Akirudi it is game over for sugoi man

Wacha makasiriko kaka. Tuliza mpira babaa…game ni 90 mins with no extra time. Laughable that u predicted Hon. Kalonzo will be back to Azimio…a fact that everyone knew!

Babu has no agenda for us.
Martha karua is not helping, at least my wajakoya has an agenda item we can expect from him

Weed isn’t free

Ruto won’t be president in 2022.



If it wasn’t for jommo kenyarra, and the favors he gave to kikuyu people, how would the kikuyu community be today? Shooga hii, usiwahi tukana wakamba tena. They are people who do their best in spite of being in a system that is deliberately set against them.

Not really. He can tilt the election. That is why everybody wants him on their side.

Kalonzo is a principled man. His main principle is being a coward, no matter the situation.

Wakamba ni watu wasiojiheshimu kamwe. Shida kubwa ni viongozi wasio na msimamo

End of his political career