Ni 4-2 Ndiyo Lakini........................... Correct me if I am wrong

A Parrot can be deemed smart for its ability to utter smart words. Am not trying to suggest that you have a bird brain but then you have one.


he he he, wah!!!,come back lazima itafutwe huko urban dictionary

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Haha. I was accused of being a Trump worshipper. Now this. Its what bottom feeders label the sages they aspire to be. You’re an instagrammer(I’m sure u got more selfies than cents/sense in your account) and a serial defacator (hence your obsession with toilet paper). No one gives you headache about it. Shine in your craft and allow stars to illuminate.

I always shine. With an unbeaten streak to boot as well. I have no problem keeping up, its second nature.
And you called me smart guy on your own volition. Leave it at that.


ata saa hii nilikuwa live pale IG bana. na kwani you don’t defacate?, where does it all go to, your head?

Apply that lip gloss and go take another selfie. I do defacate, but it ain’t an obsession like yours. What you obsessed with emptying your rectum for…some pipe laying by those who love your selfies?