Yesterday I went to nssf rongai was suprised ,for the last 13 months my employer has been deducting nssf and nhif but has only remitted for one month .Even paye has not been reaching kra yet its deducted .I had the same issue with previous employer gave the enforment officer everything payslips,letter of appointment nothing happened .Talkers beware private companies sometimes dont remit the deductions.Sadly for tax kra will fine you and not the employer when they find out

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Very true experienced the same shit with them.

The middle class huwa wanaumia tu sana. The very rich and the poor wote wanaangalia tu the common mwananchi.

Peasants problems


We all start from somewhere, don’t we?

Wee ni ubwa !!!what post do hold in this in this Nation ?? Takataka


Ouch. Take a deep breath and inhale boss.

:D:Dngombe iii…periods peleka kulee----»»

So ni kama mtu afuatilie kila kitu on their own every month

Has your employer been remitting for the other employees? It’s a serious offense for an employer not to pay NHIF, NSSF and PAYE for employees. Follow up with accounts and ensure this is sorted out. If you slipped and broke your ankle today, NHIF would not pay for your medical care. You are already accruing penalties at KRA for unpaid taxes.

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Relax. Breath in.
You wont stammer again, son


Even county governments are not remitting on time. I almost went untreated when records showed arrears, but intervention from a senior hospital official saved the day

had a similar problem with my wife’s employer,maafaka made me cough 15,000 for bed charges agha khan,luckily the refund process is quite fast and stress free

kwani wewe iko bibi…congrats

Especially with KRA, better start following up right now prior to the June 30th deadline for submission of individual income tax returns (for the year 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2015).

mimi ni mzae kaka

Hapa iko swalu.and if your employer huwa hakati and you know that but salary inapitia bank kuna natural disaster hapo?and unafaa ujaze paye

Disaster will be if both of you are found out e.g during a tax audit. However, there’s a lower limit to salary and allowances below which PAYE is exempt.

I broke my ankle sometime back, very nasty experience

:D:D If he takes your advice, he will die!!