as you get consumed with miguna, prepare more lube, nhif is mandatory in Kenya but those who really contribute are paid for bed only, those who is supposed to help are being fixed.

Mwananchi, bila lube

Karma is a bitch, I swear! On voting date instead of voting out Ouru I was actually fucking Uwes’ wife. Now the Kenyan government is in turn fucking me. Inauma lakini itabidi nmezoea tu.

oil it well fellows … tano tena

Only fools use that overated NHIF bure kabisa…

Cant relate.

You didn’t say that

I did. Why would you pay for something only to be limited on how to use it??

Just know there are people who get help from it

Nothing wrong here… Wakenya hamuezi saidika. Pesa ikitumika vibaya mnalia…measures za kuchunga pesa yenyu zikiwekwa mnapiga nduru…once you understand why mtashukuru sana. Kwa ground vitu ni different

Limitations lazima, nhif haiwezi lipia hizo bill zote na ka 500 (informal) ama 1700max employed

Shukuru mungu. Nhif ime saidia wengi, na siwapigii debe wanaweza improve lakini card bado muhimu. Kwanza kama ukona family

We need to be thankfull that people in Africa really do not get anything else besides that matter anyway and our life is not that costly in terms of utilities anyway. So I do hope to understadn everything about that matter. I do not clearly see where it’s going.