NHIF unapiga hospital owners stick

Ogopa Nabii Ruto


TF!! Is it Prof Ndung’u implementing his personal theories ama ni Zakayo anakanyagia pesa until it bears some interest then resume paying


How not to run a country 101, Jambas has so much material on this.


Very soon this will be the state of our education sector which is already in the pits


…nabii. NKT!!

Jsks ni ile type ya watu pesa iko lakini wanasikia uchungu sana kuitoa na sio yao. Very evil.


Yesterday I went to a dispensary huku mashinani where I live. I was saddened when the receptionist turned some schoolboys away since they didn’t have cash. She told them NEMIS is not working. I knew Ruto was a mistake Kenyans are going to regret about, I just underestimated how big the mistake is. The man is an arsehole.


The biggest liar and double-faced snake in Kenya.


Kinawaramba … sio. Si mlisema “We must finish Dynasties”. Tokomea mbali … hakuna huruma hapa.


Huyu ni Sadducee blalfakin hata Jesus aliwaita nyoka

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A snake…

As long as asskisser @sani is good , we are confident parasitic owners of the capital aren’t holding us ransom.

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Biashara inafaa kuwa sustainable bila kutegemea pesa ya ukora ya nhif.

@Zakayoh atawapipinya mpaka mshike adabu


Sio yote ya ukora. Actually Hawa hawalipwi are the legitimate ones. Wa ukora hulipwa bila stress because Kuna kickback. Nyinyi wengine mko at someone else’s mercy

kama hosi ni private ichukue clients wa kujilipia ama wa private insurance companies, watu wa cover ya ruto waende kwa hospitali za ruto, ndio mvurutano ikuwe kidogo.

That doesn’t make sense.
What people don’t understand, government hospitals are very understaffed, no supplies and equipment are in disrepair.
Hata hii MES program equipment. Contract vile iliisha there is no one to repair the machines. Zingine zimewekwa tu no servicing. Nothing will ever move forward unless we find out how to streamline health care financing and improve these services


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That’s why I’m saying nhif cover should only be used in public hospitals to help them have enough money for supplies and machines.

we are using public funds to fund corrupt private hospitals

Learn to shut up when men are talking. Don’t you know it’s arseholes like your father who have landed this country in the shit that it’s in? You steal from Kenyans and you have the nerve to keep bragging about it here, arsehole?