NHIF uhuru's directive

President Uhuru Kenyatta in an address to the nation has called for the halting of a raft of new rules proposed by The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).
The directive also stops the NHIF from implementing the new packages that had taken effect on January 1, 2020.
The president explained that the move will pave way for further consultations following public outcry.
On January 9, in a memo sent out to all regional and branch managers, NHIF had said all married individuals would only be allowed to enlist a single spouse and a maximum of five children as beneficiaries.
In addition to other reccomendations, the new rules would require members joining the fund to wait for 90 days before accessing services or benefits.
Additionally, they would be required to make a one year upfront payment within the waiting period.

Hapo sawa

You want to tell me that he never knew about these measures beforehand?

He’s pretending to not know and we’re pretending to be excited. It’s all a game

Those raft of measures sent a clear message to those who can read between the lines…NHIF has serious cash flow issues and the measures were to buy it some time. The government is broke and it’s increasingly becoming clear

When you voted him in what were you expecting??? Manna from heaven?

The death of Odinga…

Well he is dead as he can ever be!!! Joke is on you!

Naona inauma lakini itabidi uzoe… you shall be fine.

Create a problem then offer a solution.