Nhif contact

Anyone with a NHIF contact number that actually works?

I have been trying their numbers from their website since 8am this morning and now it’s 11am, to no success.


Chukua boda boda hadi there offices…

If you can’t help her, you could just give the post a pass. NV answer from a SV. SMH

Unataka nini huko

Wueh… @gashwin heart palpitations await.

Na huyu tumsaidie pia

Hawesmek. Shida iko kwa mother board.

Use NHIF at your county level…they have offices. Nairobi ni gutee

Enda to The nearest huduma centre

This girl came here packaging herself as high-class. She filed nil returns. She has no insurance cover.

Nakutafutia kesho