Ngumbau TV Live Drama

Ukambani Gospel Artist Masekete Fights Guest on Live TV

A co-host on Ngumbau TV, received backlash after he slapped a guest invited to the Kamba vernacular show on Thursday evening.

Reports indicated that the gospel musician identified as Jackson Mutinda alias Masekete was co-hosting the show on his first day at work when he clashed with the guest, Ndeke ya Muthanga.

Popular Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo, the main host, intervened to de-escalate the clash before it became full-blown.

Earlier, the guest who was also said to be a musician, was captured to be embroiled in an argument with the co-host, claiming that he helped the latter at one point in life.

Artist and Show Co-host Masekete (Far Right) and Ndeke ya Muthanga (Far Left) during the show
This reminder did not sit well with Masekete who started shouting at the guest, with the two later exchanging vitriols.

Suddenly the new show co-host pounced on his guest with a slap, sending him spiraling backwards.

The guest, in retaliation, responded with blows and kicks, prompting the show’s main host, Kasolo, to step in and calm down the enraged duo.

In a separate interview, the host, Kasolo stated that his new co-host had anger issues and was not on good terms with his guest.

“I am sorry for Ndeke ya Muthanga in regards to what happened live on TV," Kasolo stated.

It was yet to be clear whether the guest would press charges or if the Media Council of Kenya would take action against the TV station.

On its website, the TV station is described as a vibrant Kamba TV station seeking to impact the lives of its audience socio-economically. is an online media website that brings you breaking news, the latest and developing stories," the TV station says.


Wakamba doing normal kamba stuff. It’s very disrespectful in kamba culture to tell a man that you helped him, even if you did. @PERDITION anaelewa hiyo ni matusi kali sana


Our trash gospel singers :green_emoji:


:joy::joy::joy: Iyo uyo jamaa amezabwa kofi amejaribu retaliation but hakuna teke imeland. Ata mimi naweza kasirika