Ngugi in trouble

He stood by her after she was butt fucked by two men but she’s still leaving. Fear women lads .


Mtu atuambie full story

Somethings you can only read in this cesspit


@Silverback83 Ngugi wa Thiongo is 90 in real years. Is this an age to cry about divorce. Most men at that age are widowers anyway.

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Mdaubona kujianika happy ? Nikama kilatu anajianika huku, first Chifunmbitika , Azor again then wewe. Tukipatana street nitakusalimia mdau :laughing::laughing::laughing:

What I like is men siku hizi know women don’t love unconditionally. Therefore kuingia Embobut ni easier because she would leave you without warning as well.


Actually he aint even crying about divorce…hes accepted it and has gone ahead and hired helps…hes living far much better than most of his agemates. About sickness…i dont know why people are surprised that a 90yr old is sick…or lonely


Elders walisema hapa. Tafuta mali na ufiche kiasi away from wife and kids. For the rainy days. Coz one day watoto na mama yao watakutoka ubaki ukiwa solo. But ukiwa na pesa yako…you just go for a soft meat and life goes on. I know afew people who went abroad. Walipofanikiwa wakaita mama yao aishi majuu leaving the dad behind. Elders mjipange. Mjue watoto ni wa mama.


The prof is just fine. If he had been living in Kenya he may not have survived his cancer. And even then at his age he would have been long retired with no income. He is living well huko yues with good medical care, otherwise he would be lining up at knh for dialysis

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[quote=“Heke, post:3, topic:447390”]
Somethings you can only read in this cesspit

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I know a little more about this story en it’s sad.
Current Limuru MP Kiragu Chege ni nephew ya Ngugi.
Ninja organised for Ngugi’s wife to be raped wen the couple came back from the US after end of Moi’s rule. He had been in exile.
Wanawekelea thugs but ni yeye,ati wakati anazindikishwa ndio thugs wanaingia…na dere wake aliyekua kwa parking downstairs hakuona shit…how convenient. Plus they were in an apartment building apo kando ya Norfolk yenye hukua na security tight. Anyway, i guess Kiragu must have been sent by Moi to show Ngugi that he’s still boss.
Karma is a bitch thou…Kiragu is currently battling cancer on the low low.
Hii Kenya standing for the RIGHT gets u in a lot of shit, u wuld rather just look the other way.


Some people are just evil. Wah