NGOS will Look For anything

Sasa wanadai mogoka ni addictive. As someone who used mogoka and alcohol for a good three years, i can cofirm with 100% sureness that mogoka is not addictive, hii ghasia itafute kazi ya kufanya

Muguka is addictive wacha wewe, my muguku eating acquittances ALL claim they would rather chew than catch beers on a Saturday evening…all without exception. And those who are self employed chew almost daily. Si chewing it leads to a dopamine rush


but it’s not addictive, you can quit without withdrawal symptoms

Si addictive mimi niliacha veve… hawa ni pesa ya NGO wanatafuta

Alafu hao madem ni paid actors wote. Maraya wa malindi hawanaga meno

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“Although some users compare Khat to coffee, it has more similarities with the drug Cocaine and other Amphetamines. Users feel increased alertness, energy, euphoria, increased talkativeness, decreased appetite, and excitement. Heart and breathing rates are increased, and body temperature and blood pressure are elevated. Appetite is reduced and fatigue is lessened, making Khat users rely on the drug to fuel them through work or improve their sociability.”

That doesn’t make it addictive. Coffee has the same side effect in large quantities. There are some people who cannot function without coffee but they’re not addicts