NGOs Board to pay KHRC Shs 2 million for illegal deregistration.

See how this pundits are milking the taxpayers coz of political witch haunt. Can Fazul be made to pay as an individual? jubilee iko na umefi sana.

mkisii mijinga hermaphrodite weka efidense

Jaribu kutulia umbwer
NGOs board to pay KHRC Sh2 million for illegal deregistration

Do you buy the newspaper like I do or you browse it? either way check the dailies. don’t be couch potato eating potatoes…

I have said mara kwa mara, Fazul’s rulings can be challenged because he is in office illegally.

A semi illiterate bigot

The question is what is the Ksh 2 million for? KHRC are not in the business of profit making, what actual damage (besides possibly suspect legal costs since they likely used activist lawyers) would the judge be awarding taxpayer funds for?

The question is, how is he still in office. The man redefines incompetence

Punitive and unfair deregistration. There has to be punitive measures against a rogue board.

One of the reasons why I am bidding corporate Kenya goodbye is the levels of incompetence and mediocrity. People like Fazul wamejaa Kenya.

Papa that place you cannot get a competent answer from any officer. A letter addressed to him can go unresponded to for an year…

Then punish the board, not the taxpayer! Second, justice is about equity, not unfair and unjust enrichment.

the board is a parastatal duh. so of course the board is charged but money comes from us. there is no unjust enrichment here. you stop peoples operations for months, salaries, projects and expect court to say accept and move on? on the judge was right. now Fazul needs to be charged individually. remember when mututho went round closing pubs for medias sake without following the law, people sued and NACADA had to compensate the bar owners for losses and damages. we don’t live in a jungle. kuna modus operandi.

Pubs are for profit business entities, their losses can be quantifiable and proven. Damages have to be proven, and they must be actual damages, not hypothetical whimsical numbers dreamed up by activist judges. The ruling remains questionable until seen.

he he he. kwani where are you from???Emotional distress, defamation, unfair practices all this can lead to compensation be to the aggrieved.