Ngong road school : Fresh details

  1. The building had no foundation;
  2. Building structure was made up of feeble, poor quality 75 x 75 timber;
  3. Walling was made of recycled corrugated iron sheets;
  4. The building had a first floor slab made of thick concrete, laid on chicken wire, on timber off-cuts


Whoever built or participated in the structure coming up should be held accountable, and basically whoever let children learn in such.

Most schools around have been constructed in that way.

We have reached the point where as a society we have to KILL a few people for the benefit of many people, otherwise many people will die to safeguard the profits of a few people

Fuuuck! huyo mwenye shule ashikwe achunishwe skuma kabla afungwe jela for further kuchunishwa.

With over 800 kids in that school, take it at 1000 shillings per kid per month, that’s a whopping 800k a month, now less 200k for salaries and other miscellaneous, I know that even 150k will be much for salaries coz such a school relies on peasant who will do anything for a 10k salo.

The ferker was making more than 500k a month. Shait!

Unbelievable, how easy it is to make money, but kujenga a descent building ilimshinda, tamaa kweli.

It can’t be that lucrative, kuna chakula, then they have to pay an accountant, then probably stima na maji, and then the loan repayment for the shoddily done work they did to originally save on costs. Na wanalipa fees per term.

Jesus wept

It’s possible. Such schools run on peasantry, walimu na watu wa mtaa wenye wanaeza kubali 10k a month, that’s why I have put it at 150k for salaries. For food it can be 500 shillings per kid per month.

I have been in such a ghetto life and I can tell you how they survive.

Get used to the drill .There will be a more scary headline tomorrow about corruption.


Actually it is. Fees is technically per month. Hii per term ni kitu ya kufanya mzazi hafeel hajagongwa yet in the real sense e.g. 12,000 per term=4,000 pm. And most pay monthly anyway.

75 x 75, are these Digi units or what?

God help us

I think he means millimeters wise…huku juakali huwa wanasema 3" X 3"

These call for serious prosecution of all involved ! Including the fundis who did this work .

Pia watu wa county government inspectorate should go home.

hii mijengo ya Aina hii ndio imejaa kawangware and watu wanakaa,but my pigsties standards are at Par with EU standards, hata sio Chinese

Hizi Ghetto Economics zako nisyalea. Ati 500 per month. Assuming that kid will be in school for 20 days a month (5x4 weeks). Thats 25 bob per day. Impossible!!

Galana Kulalu was killed so that a select few could profit while millions starve.

Carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers are regularly imported so that the few can profit.

The economy is being murdered by the harebrained and completely unprofitable SGR so that a few can profit.

So what’s a handful of dead kids in a cheap dead school to Kenyan society?