Ngong Road Ime weza

Can’t do that. Go to edit, then more options, then upload the other images as full images.

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Kawni who’s the owner?

But, the quality of the finish is better compared to Outering Rd.


One thing about the design. I don’t understand why all the infrastructure was squeezed together leaving a lot of empty space which is obviously going to be taken up by unsightly kiosks. Why do pedestrian walkways have to be next to the slow lane when there are another 20-30 metres?

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Phase 5 : Karen-Rongai? Which road is this? Is it Magadi Road, Gataka Road or Mukoma road?

good to see i’m not the olny dyslexic around

Maybe with the exclusion of such construction projects that might have tight schedules, the Chinese also have this culture. Usually between 12-2pm, many bank, hospital & police staff will be on their break leaving no one on the watch. Guys tend to know this and plan accordingly. In a way, it works for them.

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someone please go to the same spot 1 year later, take pics, and we’ll see how destructive people are

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visible attention to detail. Hope the Japanese don’t pack up and leave the gok to maintain it 'cause they will have to come back to rebuild it all over again.

That is reserved land for rapid mass transport. NAMATA will decide if it be mono rail or light train.

Normal mono-rail.
It can even be configured to fit congested streets.
Or the easier light train.


Dualling of Langata Road from Karen road to Bomas then Magadi road up to Kiserian.

Ulitumwa kuinspect?

Weeh…ikifika mid month watu ni ma-sweeps tu:eek:

Pesa ni sabuni ya roho:D:D


Your wisdom is way out of this century

This is the route for the rapid mass intercity commuter railway. It will be a joint project between National government under Namata, Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu and Machakos county governments. Photo courtesy of Polycarp Igathe.

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mkuki these ideas are good,but implementation?in my lifetime kweli?

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Yes, as long as tender is given to private companies to design, build and who already operate the same in other cities. There are offers from Japan, China and Hungary for the same. The current builder of SGR, China CCCC is more than ready to build it if given a chance. Nairobi commuter numbers is huge and desperately need a modern commuter train service. Let’s them put up the investment themselves with their own finances. It has worked in Ethiopia, Egypt and S.Africa.

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:cool: cool.Let us wait and see


ni ya nani???