Ng'ombe ilichukua video ya lynching has been arrested

Hii case naifuatilia nione racists being prosecuted and jailed. After the father and son were arrested two weeks ago for killing Ahmaud Arbery, jana GBI arrested the third man who took the video. He was also involved in the murder.

How is he involved in the murder yet he took the video and sent it to the police? I dont get it

Apparently he helped the father and son cut him off so he could not get away and thus helped them in a way.

Sp he will face the same charge ?

He will face the same charge but it’s more of a tactic to get him to talk about the father and son then they will either drop the charges or reduce them if he cooperates. HE had evidence of a shooting and should have said something.

you have to be impressed with how systems in these countries work despite the racism .

Bonobos will never experience this

@T.Vercetti Mungu wako watatu have been arrested.

These racist murderers should be hanged!

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Hii news pia ni ya zamani sana. We already knew that the guy taking the video was part of the gang. That was exposed several weeks ago. Kwani unakuwaga nyuma aje wewe mjamaa???

You probably haven’t seen the videos of Arbery walking around the empty house in the dark.

You probably don’t know that the owner of that house had some communication going on with these killers.

You probably don’t know that police station where George McMichael worked is being investigated and several D.A s have been shown the door.

Homo_patco ujalala kwani au mjulus ndo unapokea

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Wacha uongo. He was arrested yesterday by the GBI. Hii story ilikuwa kwa all major news outlets jana including CNN. Kwa hivyo CNN ni wajinga kuleta hii story jana kama breaking news? Huyu jamaa amekuwa arrested 2 weeks after the other 2 were arrested. This is an ongoing case and i am simply posting an update but an imbercile like you keeps on saying that i am posting an old story. When the courtcase begins in June I will also post an update. For once, watch the cnn breaking news video ya jana and then call them and tell them hio news ni ya 2 weeks ago.