Ngiri Tatu tu

3k only [ATTACH=full]382255[/ATTACH]

Specs or burst


Umeiba wapi hizi?

Kujia Juja

Kasee unakuwaga mwizi au nini?
Juzi tu umeweka speaker ingine ilikuwa na jina funny.
Wadau hawa ndio wasee wa break ins

Your dad should have worn a condom to avoid siring an imbecile and disgrace as you

Quite suspicious. How do you sell single items and after a long time? Either you are employed in a shop and you steal the items or you pluck from pple cars

Ama ta angenyonga lakini the fact remains wewe ni mmoja wa wale wana break in to people’s house kule Juja na Thika.
@administrator have you authenticated the goods being sold by this fella.
Pls do not promote thieves