Ngimanene Goes Office Shopping

Sasa Ngimanene akaona it’s time to have a swanky office address akaingia pale 2Rivers TRIFIC- 2Rivers International Financial Innovation Centre na kabuti yangu ya blue na bucket :cowboy_hat_face: ya Ngima Enterprises. Nikakaribishwa vizuri nikatebezwa pahali kuzuri sasa tukaketi, nikamwambia mimi kitu inaitwa usuru sitaki kuskia nayo pahali yoyote ndio nimekuja hapa juu niliskia ni tax free zone. So nikaambiwa yes, ndio hii benefits ya kuwa huku nikajua baaaas I am home. Sasa nikaanza kuuliza maswali:

  1. Hizi vitu ni tax free? Yes, as long as you do everything in the SEZ. You cannot have other businesses or branch outside the SEZ and claim the tax benefits, so warehousing is out of the question, basically you need to do anything and everything within the SEZ nothing should fall outside.

  2. Rent rates: $3.5/square foot with a minimum 2000 square foot. 3 month rent deposit and a 6 year lease. This covers wi-fi, electricity, desks, chairs, office outfitting, so it’s a plug and play, parking is 3k monthly per spot.

  3. You need to show external money coming into your business and you have money flowing from your business and out of the country.

Do the tax benefits outweigh being outside the SEZ? Do your mathmatics.

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Minimum rent is 800k a month?

Yes sir, with a 6 year lease. But you have hot desks if it’s just 3-4 people.

Your typical Kenyans wanahesabu hizo ni cement ngapi monthly!

That’s the new SI unit ya kuweigh expenditure if it’s worth it.

Yep, it’s a cost benefit analysis of the tax benefits, nice offices-which they are, and what you spend out here

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