Ngilu or Munya

I can bet on either of these two.
[Wacheni kutukana raila mukimwambia achukue martha, who is unable to win even the kichugu seat. But then again, money talks. And if the sponsors insist it is Martha, so shall it be.]
But in terms of people who can actually bring in votes, if you take @qalonzo out of the equation, you remain with only Ngilu or Peter Munya.
Or, in a masterstroke, Raila achukue mkjnr na ikue game-over.
You can never go wrong with a solid Luo, Luhya and Kamba vote. Labda m2 aibwe.

Charity is sick and should use the little energy left to organise her affairs

Itawezekana … :D:D


Raila Ojinga can’t get more than 60% of Luhya votes at the moment. Hii umeandika ni umeffi

Hii ni gitu kani? Ukale utakumaliza.

Munya it is…
aMeruca shall be happy

Resent real polls shows he can only command 38% of the mulembe nation vote

Acheni bangi wadau.

tuko nyuma ya mama Karua

Polled by Whom using what methods …???

It’s clear Ruto has played both Mudavadi and Wetangula …
They have been used and now discarded …

All Baba and Martha need to do now is ignore all the foolish Politics and clearly articulate their Plans , Polices and maintain positive contact with the electorate until Polling Day … :D:D

Time will tell, less than 3 months time