Ngilu & Martha Mwangangi.

I am here wondering what kind of governor this malombe is? Seriously seven months to an election you decide to demolish the hands that feed you kiosks? The guy just signed his own political orbirtuary… R.I.P martha.


Mbirioneyas hawasomangi star aka mharo.

IMHO, I think demolishing illegal structures should not be related to elections. Am also of the opinion that human flesh cannot win in an encounter with a fire truck. My 3yr old daughter knows that you can’t stand in the way of a bike and escape unhurt. Sembuse mama wa miaka 60, na kuna truck sio bike!


Is elin like Erin but with chida ya matamch?

Hawa elin ndo nilisema wako hapa for attention that hawawezi pata in ril lyf

@Bingwa @Bingwa Scrotum @Simba scrotum unasumbua…


mrembo utakua kitui hii weekend nikupatia ka tusker pale riverside? am visiting my daughter hii weekend