Ngara Flyover

Around hapo 2010-2014 I used to run some errands at gigiri from early mornings to around 11am. At that time, I was residing pale ruiru undisclosed lokeshen. Ju I was so broke or rather trying to save every single penny, I would alight at ngara from gigiri then wait for mat za 45 hapo ngara from tao they will then slow down halafu form ni kutoka teke na kudandia then ikifika hapo engen mnadondoka mbio hapo kwa bumb before it speeds off and makes a u-turn back to Githu to pick passengers. The whole trip would cost 50 bob than the usual 100 bob to ruiru.
Kwa hizo pilka pilka, I identified a secure spot for rinsing corner pamoja na pupils on a daily basis. Hapo flyover ukiwa chini side ya kibanda hapo was one of my favourite spots. All kinds of thighs, matter core were visible with less effort, sometimes I was lucky to see the flesh:D wale hawajavaa panty. Wamama wa soko the only thing unaona ni their white dirty bikers na mbele most of them are usually plus size, wasted my view. Halafu ma slay queen wanaenda westy with their short dresses na yellow yellow thighs mostly from roysa. Don’t forget maliar wa ngara, man that place was far much better than SJ combined with Xsmillionaires chieth. I was so addicted to that place hadi after getting another job I still could go there once in a while. Kama sasa leo, am enjoying the view. Btw, I have also ferked a couple of them. It is a nice hunting ground too, you will never regret. Wacha niendelee kuosha macho.


Faga!! Enda nyumbani wacha tabia za upii.
Uko na miaka ngapi?

it’s allowed,you were young.every normal boy would do the same big up:D:D

Professional Nduthi guy detected!

He he he, funny thing is I alight there almost everyday and to be honest I try to safisha my eyes as I go up. Or purposely follow a yellow yellow with a short dress, because of the stairs she will be slightly above you so you get a better view. Mungu anisamehe aki.

Cheza Chini ndugu yangu.

This should go to the A.O.B thread. and i thought i was the only perv in these streets

Hehe… lakini we men hormones hutusumbua vibaya sana

:D:D:D:D:D… yaani pia wewe ni kalulu ivo?


Hii nayo ni chumvi umeongeza

He he he, wacha hiyo, I have actually thought about taking upskirt films lakini nikishika simu mkono inaenza kutetemeka.

Voyuerism is real, Kuona ilinishinda once went to a strip compound I didn’t like it. I prefer chasing and ferking.

Wewe ni pervert numero uno…
You can record the videos lakini ukishikwa utapigwa kama burukenge .

This is sissy, but for a monoBaller I pass

:Dfunny shit. But true, kaa unataka kusafisha iris just follow a lady with a short loose skirt up the stairs. Pervs ni wengi

Yaani vile madem ni wengi hii nairobi mtu bado ako na time ya kufanya upii kama hii? Kuja inbox nikuskumie throughpass


it’s a voyeur’s world…you will not judge and you’ll not be judged…