Next Step On The Waititu Saga. Asset Recovery & Imprisoment Akufie Jela Kama Gakuo

Impeachment on its own is not enough. Waititu’s ALL assets acquired after August 2017 should be probed thoroughly. Any paper trail that leads to County funds should have the corresponding asset siezed and auctioned all this while happening Waititu should be in the Industrial Area remand akilinda Mcoodo. He should be reduced to a beggar like the Garitas.

The fool used to sing 2022. Kabla ifike he will be pauper. DPP drill the fickin.g knife. Hii ghasia saa hii should be cooling his hot kinyambis pale Nairobi West Remand prison.

Hehehe @Motokubwa @Purple @Finest wine @mayekeke mnasemaje wenzangu?

Huyu boy ile shida inamgoja ni nono kumliko.

I have appointed you to do the probe.

Afinywe makende, kama aliiba aliibia familia yake na sio sisi

You know things are bad if @spear has not released a statement to spin this story to look like an advantage in Ruto’s corner.