Next Nairobi governor


Both your candidates bwana mashamba are DOA. They belong in political dustbin.

Those weeks of talks were worth it. Done in mutual trust and positivity. It reflected on the acceptance speeches. Now that team is unbeatable.

That said my word is my promise. I will still vote for Tim Wanyonyi for governor. He is the best candidate. I know he will not get ASS mio ticket as Igathe is chosen for it under jubilee as jayden commanded. So I will still go with Tim as independent. Should the universe align itself and he gets ASSmio ticket, well he still has my vote.

Niko nyuma ya bukusu #team wanyonyi. Huyu ndio sober and competent to run Nairobi cownty. Sakaja aendeleee na washwash msenge yeye.

Sajaka ni mafi ya digi Fuck UDA

Bit of a miscalculation, the Capitol requires a steady hand

Enyewe I will vote for UDA president but all their choices for Nairobi is a No, esp.Sakaja, Margret Wanjiru for senator is the worst blunder in the line-up.I will vote for Tim Wanyonyi governor whichever side he ends up in. If Azimio reign in on Jayden with his childish blunders they can form a better line-up,but if they either pick Igathe,Ngatia etc for governor and not Tim, it’s over for them even before it begins.

Governor Nairobi ni Tim wanyonyi, anyone or anything else is dead on arrival

Hapa kwa sakaja mtalia…if elected he will make sonko and kidero terms look like a child’s play.

Hawa mavijana wanachekesha sisi

Gvn ni Tim Wanyonyi