Next Nairobi Governor--Confirmed and selected by the deep state


poterea mbali

Jimnah Mbaru is a fraudster. He conned a client over 400m.

2013 i voted for Jimnah mbaru , i have never voted for Kidero

Tuna angusa yeye 8am

Danganya toto jinga.

Ni pretender kama Sakaja.

Okanyal click.

Mwizi ndo anawekwa ili wengine waibe vizuri

There will be no next Nairobi governor.

Nairobi county was annexed to the National government under NMS.

It’s better that way. A county like Nairobi doesn’t need a governor who wins the popular votes.

It is fraudsters who lead, wale watu wazuri wako jaba base

Guys you are fools. Those are the lines they use to bait you. Whether Nairobi is Business capital of Africa or not does it matter? His interest is to auction Nairobi to foreigners, to make it their capital in Africa, not about Nairobians.

He should be talking about giving Nairobi back to Nairobians.

Very soon maskini zote zitaondolewa Nairobi, na parking ikuwe 5000 per day, kama Singapore.

Man, why are you always cynical?

As a Nairobian, I opposed soldiers running the capital. This is what we call usurped power.

I want to see him run for office and do any better.

Uhuru is Catholic, what do you expect from someone who takes orders from the Vatican?

And here I was thinking he took his orders from Mama Ngina and Muhoho…

@Purple, as a Catholic I urge you to withdraw your statement

Catholics huwa umbwa Kwa macho yangu. Mimi ni Mtu WA ngonya ya gakonya,dini ya msambwa,jehova wanyoike,wakorino,ADC, mgongo mtupu mtupu. Infact am an African religion hii ya wazungu ni conmen.