News Just In .KQ pilot Strike

Didnt I tell you @Jakoyo? 5:40pm official time when the strike was suspended.


This is cryptic, is the strike on or it has been called off to pave way for 'dialogue’ on how to share the KQ remains?

What kind of mature discussion do you expect to have with Alai? The guy is so confused he doesn’t even have a stand, he will bash ODM and after a minute will be bashing Jubilee and supporting ODM. He is just an attention seeking whore who will post anything for comments and views.


Michael Joseph ashakuwa appointed kuenda huko?

Banking on Joseph the shepherd to work miracles. @Okiya is there light at the end of the tunnel with his appointment?

Amepost live video showing how android box works and marketing it. Na most of his ‘fanatics’ wako mashinani hata hawajui buffering ni nini.

Even though they will report half year 5Billion loss next week, there’s light at the end of the tunnel . The expensive fuel hedges contracts are expiring this month. Plus they have the forensic audit report from deloitte which they can rely on to come up with controls to seal the loopholes. I have always insisted that Ngunze must go for any meaningful turnaround. There is no way he can be trusted to implement controls yet he has been mentioned in the deloitte report. In some organisations, when a serious fraud investigation is being conducted, the CEO can even be sent on leave.

Finally, contracting McKinsey for Ksh 2.7Billion was in my view not necessary. KQ could have simply implemented the deloitte fraud report. Am yet to see the entire McKinsey 24 point plan but some of the points like revenue leakages on ticketing were raised by pilots years ago.

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It’s all good with the foresensic audits etc. Corruption is so deeply ingrained in the Kenyan culture that unless they start freezing assets, arresting, prosecuting and jailing these CEO’s that plunder and bring down public traded companies it is akin to chasing airs in the wind.

The prosecution should be in all spheres including government. It cannot be selective. I weep for Kenya.