News From Canada...Miguna^2

Rainbow, I thought I blocked your new handle yet again ages ago…here we go…see u on the other side. It is getting really cramped in there but you gorra love each other huko…

Ni kama ndrama

If you are keen of late, MM has joined tanga tanga , i don’t know whether he has been paid or just wants to piss of the handshake Duo…
also MM likes dealing with foolish worshipers of himself, who he can feed bullshit without them asking any questions…
Esp on Twitter, the nigger does not only block anyone who disagrees with him , he also blocks anyone he thinks reasons better.

But on this he has really sank low, yet msichana yake anafanyanga umalaya, lakini hatumwambii

Anafaa akumbushwe hii,looks like Migunia ashasahau…

mm is a very shitty human being

This is why I always say, leave family matters aside.

True,ukikumbuka vile alijikunja after daughter kuanikwa ati ni coomer vendor…

Miguna sank really low on this one. Attacking family is a no no in politics. Such unbridled venom and shameless malice should only be the preserve of Mzito Baba MAGA.

I honestly cannot believe that a grown assed grandpa like Miguna sank his fingers so deep in his anus and pulled out such drivel

I agreed with you until this point.

Leave the kids out of it.

Do you not see the irony of your statement? This is about kids.

MM has on occassions attacked the president’s sexuality. He also used to be fixated on Ruto’s health luckily he has stopped. These things are out there in the open, but grown up men don’t go around talking about them because they are too personal.


Mlikuwa mnasema nini about beta men.

Kwa familia ya Raila kuna MTU anafanana na Fidel kweli?

This is one of the many reasons RAT was never an alternative. I would vote against him anytime. Now add Uchawi mingi that he practices. Cursed soul will never lead this nation.


ha ha he has also refused to leave other peoples’ kids out of his bitterness

You are a witch doctor if you believe such nonsense from Miguu na njia.

Una evidence ya hii ?? Au ni kuropokwa tu juu uko side ya Mashamba ?

Miguna has always been a narcissistic egomaniac making wild claims allover. But it seems some people forgot this when he was egging on the rat swearing and now are remembering now that he dared to turn his forked tongue towards their deity again

Miguna is never known to tell lies. Did he lie to Kenyans when he said Uhuru is a despot?

He is not done yet!!!