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Miguna ana muchene kushinda ya mwanamke

kuna kaukweli hapo, fidel alikua different sana na railajnr

Wasn’t Fidel buried in the same Mausoleum alongside Jaramogi?

But according to history books Raila met Idah in 1971 and only had Fidel in 1973

wonders will never cease :D:D:D:D:D

Show Migs this and ask him what he has to say now…Dude’s a hypocrite thru and thru… o_O

Why do we need to know this? Swali tu?

If there is one thing Jubilee got right, it is to keep Mig mig away…he can wika from far.

Dealing with Miguna=Wrestling with a pig

Miguna anachoma but ukweli tu Fidel hakuwa mtoi wa baba . miguna Ni insider anajua ukweli na Si raira alikatwa makende

Hebu tupewe picha za huyo Dan Owino

Miguna breaking the Bro Code. Now a snitch.

So RAT hana biological shildren?

:D:D ati MM was Rao’s insider. Ikiwa hata Orengo sio insider yet he met Rao in the 70s. According to Migunas books he only met Raila after 2007 elections…and he was never really accepted fully…walikua wanamjua sana



H. E The Rt.Hon. Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga has been my friend since 1970. We are age mates and political comrades who both went to Parliament at the same time, in the same party called FORD-K.

The Prime Minister met H.E Madam Ida Odinga, in March 1971 when Ida Odinga was a student of Bachelor of Education at the University of Nairobi, majoring in Geography. They dated for over one year, later on, engaged and wedded. The late Fidel Odinga was born in 1973, almost three years after both the Hon.Raila Odinga and Mama Ida had met, dated, got engaged and married.

It’s a desperate fallacy and a stupid lie, for Miguna Miguna who was only seven(7) years old when The Prime Minister and Mama Ida met, and merely ten (10) years old when the late Fidel Castro Macarius Odhiambo Odinga was born, to LIE to us that at the age of 7 years old, he had known who fathered who, let alone the Odingas. Miguna met the Odinga’s, for the first time in his life, in the year 2007, when the late Fidel Odinga was 34 years old.

Miguna wants us to believe that the late Fidel’s pregnancy existed before 1971 until the time he was born in 1973. Stupid bald-headed fool. Finally, I have been to Raila’s Bondo home a thousand times and I know that the late Fidel had his house inside his father’s home, on the left-hand side of the gate, up to date. I am pleading with Ruto to stop using Miguna Miguna in his bid to engage in the character assassination of a reputable African family.

~ Meru Governor, Kiraitu Murungi.

I have been wondering why Miguna has dropped Ruto from his attacks, kumbe ni pesa ya Hustler.

If you’ve believed that Kiraitu ndio ameandika hiyo ukona shida

How do you come to that conclusion if You’re not the conduit between Miguna - Hustler- and K talk?

Keep up the good job… :stuck_out_tongue:

Did i say i believe it’s Kiraitu who has written it ? We have to agree that, M² no longer attacks Ruto.

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