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Wakuumbwa,Kamenuka,uon students rioting and stoning vehicles,avoid waiyaki way,uhuru highway,st house rd ,babu ongili at Kibera law courts .


Wajinga hao, it will just be closed and they are the ones to suffer not us. When they come back, they will each need a few 1000’s to pay for damages. Saa hiyo huyu kipii atakuwa hapo kuwalipia.


Hauwezi ngagana na ndovu musalani, public pia itachoka na comrade power na watu wataumia


exams are around the corner.

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One day a few years ago, kimathi university students decided to riot and bring their utoto grievances to nyeri town which is about five kilometers away. the townspeople just decided that it was unacceptable for the boys and girls to come and disrupt their lives, in the name of comrade power or whatever nonsense they call it. they ganged up against the students, hunted them like rabbits in town and gave them a beating that will ensure they will never attempt such idiocy again. Nairobi people wake up!


Nairobi Business Community does not condone the demonstrations… Enough Said. (* Locks Doors And Windows *)


Unfortunately, my nigga who was not on demonstrations lost his laptop to thugs. He was beaten senseless yet he didn’t participate in the strike.

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Were u beaten by the business community or nasa



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Not business community, not Nasa, but thugs. Laptop aliibiwa.

the right name is collateral damage. it is a fair price to pay if such occurrences will never happen again. and your nigga, wherever he hears there is a strike or riots, he will keep off henceforth.


UON should be closed till after the elections. idiots

:D:D:D nakumbuka hi story

Ile design ya Kingsman secret service. Nani anakumbuka hiyo scene?


:D:D apana kumbusha

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Collateral damage ni kawaida kwa vita.

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Nilishuhudia. Walifukuzwa kama mburukenge


Twauga atîrîrî twina Wahome mûrû wa maitû, ngoma ichi rî chia anga comrade power rî tûtigûchieda gûkû rware

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The same has been done on Gor Mahia goons hapo Muthurwa and in my hometown of Luanda.