News: CORD calls for a rotational presidency

Msinitukane pris. Sio Mimi nilisema.

Ambia ODM tupatane Mle Mbunge, for Constitution change, that is

another red herring after the drive to anarchy with removal of iebc calls was deftly derailed?


raila akiwa number 39 siwezi mind,anybody but not raila

:D:D:D I love this

always looking for ways through back door

They never run out of hare brained schemes.

Even with a rotational presidency, it could very easily take another 200 years before they get their turn

They know this. That is why they are very categorical that the rotational one to start with CORD

I think they seriously need to fire their advisers and tone down whatever it is they are smoking or share it with the rest of us

So when can we expect them to start demonstrating for this?

after ndayarog kukubaliwa sasa ni haya? weuh, we have a long way to go.

No Now we know the content being discused in select committee… And the reason why it had to be taken out of parliament

RAO is a cornered cat. Sasa it’s spewing all kind of gibberish hoping a miracle will happen.

Maaaangai huyu baboun anafaa avalishwe straightjacket ama watu Wa nangoja ile siku ataanza kuzura tao akiokota karatasi??

Let babuon rotate the leadership of cord first always from himself.

Kenya si PRC. The voter decides who leads them, and back-room haggling will not be tolerated.

The old man is getting senile. Coupled with the frustration that he will never achieve his families dream of leading this country, he’s going to get more and more dangerous.

i wouldn’t want to partake of it…