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From @Meria Mata newsroom

Hahahah yaani wazazi wamekuwa wakilipia Kipii (?) grajuashen ??

Hahaha waaii mwarimuuu

kunawatu wamemwagiwa kutungu lakini graduashen ata za baby klass zitaendelea, its the parents who demand it

Each parent has been paying around 3K per kid for graduation. I have been invited for one on 28th this month. :D:D The parents paid 3K, and they are also buying costumes for presentations on that day sijui African wear, wedding, sports etc, so in total the parents will spend an extra 5K on the school fees they have already paid for the term.

During Kibaki era(new syllabus bs) when ‘cheating’ was rampant. Ksh 8, 000 got me an A- grade.(Should I stop bitching about corruption?)
But jana kwa mharo-news I heard that the KCSE exercise /maybe both KCSE&KCPE cost’s taxpayers kSh 4.7 Billion.

Very exorbitant. Is it a private or public school?