news about Nepal earthquake makes me love my country more

Picture this,you are dead asleep at the middle of the night and al over a sudden you are woken up by screams of your neighbor,if you are in Kenya,lets say in Kangemi i can assure you that your area is under attack from a group of Maragoli’s from Kawangware,
A word of advice…if u had cooked ugali or kuku hid it on top of your table without lid…they might not see your Dvd but they can smell two days ugali from your neighbors house…same day, if you are in Nepal, I can assure you that you are in the heart of a 7.8Quake. It was so strong that it was felt in Delhi.unconfirmed stories are saying that a group of mountain climbers are stranded on top of mt.Everest where an avalanche of 1000ft high was experienced.

 On the same note a Google executive is rumoured to be dead from a head injury after the Quake caused the avalanche on mt.Everest where he was climbing

I prefer to deal with Maragoli than earthquakes…

Wonderful wondering Wonder.

Seventeen climbers are thought to be dead, I hear when you die at those heights they leave you there since its very difficult to get one down. The trail is littered with frozen bodies such as these down here. The cold may ensure you NEVER decompose Creepy

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@wonderful wonder , are you okey?

He he ati maragoli can smell 2 days old sembe.

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hapo hujambia @ uncle nyam poa

vile nyumba zinabomoka ovyo ovyo nairobi si tukipata earthquake kama hiyo nairobi inaisha

pia Pamba, Mundumulosi na Uwesmake hawajaambiwa poa

Kila mtu hukula ugali siku hizi. Si Wabukusu tu. Nkt.

Kweli kabisa …but we cant out do bahenghele

I lived in kangemi btwen 05-06…There was this thing called kuoshwa…this was a term used to mean that theft hapened while you were away…to know the thief,if it was by kiuks…(watoi qa walandlords)
…dvd ,tv,alot of work on your clothes trying to look for money and basically all electronic and shoes were gone…if it was maras…unga ya ugali was 1st to miss…if u had a big shopping mostly ya unga you would find all your eletronics intact. …I love western

Kuna kula na KULA

Hii nyama ya punda haikupeleki vizuri,chunga usikuwe kama mod fulani wa huko.

hizi vitu zinasemwa lazima ziwe ni kweli. niko huku kwenyu na nimejionea maajabu, jamaa anabrag venye alikula pilau basin mzima kwa matanga, tumeenda buffet lunch kwa hoteli na kwa menu kuna ugali surprising thing ni ugali iliisha hata kabla ya chapo na rice

Guys…you think am kidding…there are some places of this world where you would invite people for a feast and if you cooked everything nice except vushuma nende ingoho…they would go home saying you were planing to kil them with hunger

Whats wrong with liking good food? @wonder bra kazi ni kulisha familia githeri all year round except on end month ananunua punda quatre
Kuku lazima tule… Thats why we are strong and virile helping other tribes to grow… Na umesahau mrenda, kazi a, mitoo, na mboga tamtam

We know your motives relocating to Naivasha the donkey land… Wonderful sounds GAY to me


1.Follow a Luhya girl called Faith
2.Invite her for supper
3. Cook ugali as big as mountain
4. Sit back and watch as “Faith moves mountains”


kwa nini nyama ya ubwa unajitusi hivo.ndio huyu nyama ya ndogi akikula[ATTACH=full]4331[/ATTACH]

si wewe ni mkali ,unararua wanyama kurarua

Haitwi githeri inaitwa kokoto…