Good attacking play from Chelsea, but not so good finishing



Arsenal is winning this year.

A penalty and an own goal

Three Points for who???

A lucky 3 points for Chelsea. Luck runs out

I understand they dominated the match…Had over 80%if possession and chances…in this case I think luck is created…yaani you create your own luck

Nilisema conte alienda sokoni akanunua ng’ombe mbili Morata na Girou @pseudonym akakasirika. Kuna haja ya harura ya asseghai point.

Yea Morata ni bure…reminds me of shevchenko and Torres

They can’t always have 80% possession.

bro it’s not luck if u had 80% if possession and dominated in all aspects of the match…but if Newcastle had won with their inferior stats and actual play then we would have termed it as luck…ama kizungu ilibadilika? Also Rudiger hit the crossbar…so Chelsea were actually unlucky not to score more

Umemalisa hiyo case.

Hio OV 2.5 weeeee

Nice to pick up points after city drew :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting to watch Chelsea vs Man City, Sarriball vs Guardiola’s tiki taka.