New York City explosion

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[li]What happened: A man wearing a homemade device set it off at Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square.[/li][li]The suspect: Police named 27-year-old Akayed Ullah. He is of Bangladeshi descent and lives in Brooklyn.[/li][li]Injuries: Four people, including the suspect, were injured. None of those injuries are life-threatening, according to FDNY.[/li][/ul]

NYC bomb suspect Akayed Ullah told investigators that Israeli actions in Gaza motivated his attack, a source says

tuletee local news wacha bangi

umbwa hii tutakuambia mara ngapi we dont care about new york news

He’s a failure. The worst of them all. Can’t even get his own death right.

And typical of Muslims. He leaves his Muslim dominated country, comes to the US, enjoys the freedom, then bombs himself because of a country he’s not even associated with and doesn’t concern him.

He should have died in that stupid attempt of an explosion.

The idiot should not be treated… Should be left to die like dog…

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