New Year’s Eve

Saseni wadau. Has anyone else seen these posts advertising New Years Eve parties from dusk till dawn?I am confused because I want to make plans but am not sure.Will there be exemptions from the curfew ama nini inaendelea? Most important of all, will there be fireworks like hizi miaka nyingine?Ama curfew imemaliza anything to do with partying till the new year?anyone who has any idea I will appreciate your input.

Curfew is still in force kijana. Kalisha kinyambis ndani ya bedshitter ama tukuone kwa news 1st January ukielezea kinaga ubaga vile D- materials walikusondeka.

We the brave hatutambui upussy ya corona na curfew, we have partied all night long na bado hio siku kuu ni partying na faya wax


How I wish people would stop asking such questions. Because I am sincerely tired of quarantine and I can no longer be constantly under such stress. No, it doesn’t look like depression or anything like that. But it seems to me that many people understand what I mean because many have already forgotten about how it all began in the first place and how funny it was even at first. And now it has become a familiar format and everyone is already used to following some rules, etc. I want us all to be free from this and we can always freely make decisions - have fun, travel, make money, etc. I think you understand what I mean. Good luck to all of us!