New year resolution

Talker, no comments just take the poll .


Hii mwaka sijapata my projected yearly income ,fuck mlefi

Mkamba mjinga kuna tofauti ya quit na quite.

Yet they will all vote :D:D:D:D:D apart from 4 fools

No need for corrections afterall si imechorwa na mkamba mjinga? Wanugu vote bila umama and shut your miraa littered mouth

Hii umeffi ya uchokosh uwache nyuma. 2023 we need people with decorum. Infact am planning to revise your handle back to badass.

We can resolute we end chokosh wars from 1st tommorow unanimously. Am sure the fool @uwesmake and his whore @poyoloko can’t stop the wars .they need them to stay relevant. I tried to stop it but those dogs are really filthy

@PHARMACY so stupid that he cant differentiate quit and quiet .

mkamba mjinga maskini illiterate kuna NGO mlolongo inapeana relief food specifically to mlolongo malayas ambia madhe aende achukue mahindi musilale njaa New Year :D:D:D:D:D

Very stupid man .I once contributed positively but najua wivu yako lazima utukane mama za watu . Uwesmakende you are the most stupid person on earth nowander uko na ominguu badala ya minguu. Kuna Kuna ile Malaya yako @poyoloko polepole mzae @Weyn mwaka ikiisha . The most stupid dog :D:D:D:D[ATTACH=full]487907[/ATTACH]one day this village will go on smoothly after you are dead. . I told you hutakaa Sana mark those words talkers

Dont slow don’t quit, go harder on em faggots jealous coz with your grade 6 education you are making more mullah than them.
Mwaka mpya I will be fully behind you.

Hakuna mahali unaenda. We are encapsulated in this thing called universe. Do whatever. Kifo ndio mwisho. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Ahsante kanguthu . Let’s finish those fags

Kasee happy new year.

Happy new year wanaruona , Dio naoga nikimbize family kanisa

Pia Mimi naenda kanisa.