New Villagers' Lives Matter!

@admin, why are my posts as a new villager going through?
And why am I not able to Like?

I have been watching from the sidelines for a few years and now I feel that the time is ripe for me to contribute.
But I am not about to beg either, kama hamtaki new members we’ll take our contribution elsewhere.
Your loss.

[SIZE=5]New villager, sit here and relax[/SIZE]


Na unathreaten idi admin? Adabu ndio umekosa

Wacha pressure .Kuja na chumvi pekee chakula yako iko tayari[ATTACH=full]380445[/ATTACH]

Ghassia takataka

Iko wapi ile cattle dip?..Afanyiwe cleansing…

Kwanza sanitise before tukuchoree plan[ATTACH=full]380712[/ATTACH]

Nvchieth ghasia