New twist in the Kangongo Saga

Was a senior cop involved?

How come villagers never heard any gunshot booms in a relatively quiet area?

Its inconclusive that she would shoot herself and her legs and arms remain neatly in place.

The gun which has a recoil on opposite direction, would not lay near her fingers after the deed. Was it planted?

Was she killed elsewhere then brought to location?

Are her parents under intimidation?

Who else is involved in the cover up?

More shocking details coming up. [ATTACH=full]374530[/ATTACH]

Wewe ni Digi…
We expect you to dig farther on the issues you’ve raised above.

Corporal Caroline Kangogo who died on Friday morning by suicide left behind a suicide note in which she detailed how she wanted to be buried.

"Burry me in a wedding dress. "


She murdered two innocent men. And by the look of things, it’s possible she has murdered more. And left wandering, she was going to kill more. Good riddance. Nothing but a savage murderer. One less problem in this world. May have gone to court and bribed judges and walk Scott free like Cholmondeley. Team building did the world a favor.

You live by the gun…

How comes gesti patrons hawakusikia yake when she sent that chap all the way to god’s front door akiwa PNC ?. Same ‘muffled’ gun ndo ilitumika most prob

Poor girl she died with lots of knowlegde about our police forces.
Particulary how our women are treated in the security forces.
Its a sad day for the whole society. When the woman decided to kill the dual its a sign how decayed we have became and dont be suppressed this just a start.


Every job has its hazards