New Twist in Babu Owino's case

Embattled Embakasi East MP Babu Owino was today arraigned in court over the shooting of DJ Evolve real name Felix Orinda.
The incident happened on Friday at B Club at 7am.
Babu’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta spoke to the media revealing the last conversation Babu and the DJ had before he was shot on the neck.
When Babu Owino shot DJ Evolve, ‘no one came to help’! Lawyer reveals
Ombeta told members of the fourth estate on Saturday that Babu and DJ Evolve are pals and on that day of the shooting, they were chit chatting.

That is when DJ Evolve teased Babu asking if indeed he is packing heat. Yaani kama ako na gun.
Ombeta explained that Babu drew his gun, not realising that he had held the trigger because he was intoxicated, sending a bullet into the DJ Evolve’s neck.

This contradicts Babu’s earlier statement where he said he was surrounded by aggressive individuals and decided to shoot in self defense.

CCTV footage of the shooting incident went viral.

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