New Twist as Kenya Withdraws from ICJ Maritime Border Case with Somalia

However, Kenya’s last-minute withdrawal came as a shock to many who have been following on the matter and expected the case to kick off after months of postponement following requests from authorities in Nairobi.

In February this year, ICJ declined Kenya’s request to postpone the case for the fourth time, this is seen as one of the reasons why Kenya has pulled out of the case.

Kenya had in January petitioned the Court to postpone the public hearings as it protested a missing map crucial to its case.

Kenya also objected to proceedings via video link, arguing that the Covid-19 pandemic has frustrated its preparations for the case and insisting only in-person hearings would guarantee a level playing field.

I hear one of the judges is Somali. Definitely he has some interest in this case. Na amekataa kung’atuka.

Somali with the long coast line, still picking their noses. Where is TZ border line?

Not anymore, the new judge to this case is from the usa.

Secondly this was a surprise to me. Withdrawing from the case. However an ICJ case that both parties didn’t participate is not enforceable no matter the outcome. So basically this has being reduced to nothing. We still control the maritime border. Only South African Navy are bigger in the Indian ocean in our continent. We are building our navy surveillance capabilities, ships and now building the Damen shipyard. Once the shipyard is completed we can simultaneously build 2 navy ships in 3 years and take another 2 years for ocean trials and armaments. Basically we have halt the sudden push for this dispute and we are building up to maintain the status quo going forwards for decades to come.

By the time UhuRuto is done with Kenya in 2032 there’ll be no Kenya.

Why participate in a case if you already control the territory?? Smart move by Kenya.

Kenya nitaitambua ikichukua Migingo by force.

Kenya is a capitalistic state. Hakuna mafuta ama diamonds Migingo. The resources on that rock are not enough to generate interest from senior government officials.

Siku hizi naona umeanza kufikiria.

There’ll be Cameroon yes.

If a parched piece of rock can be wrestled out of your hands without much effort so will your oil wells. A capitalist state should be an assertive alpha land-grabber and bully.

Kenya should conducting naval drills in the disputed area, fighter jet manoeuvres just into Somalia and placing restrictions of Somalis movement into Kenya among other trade tariffs and measures out of economic and security concerns.

A simp leadership we have.

Brilliant move by GOK, we dont negotiate our territory with terrorists from a failed state.

Somalia will just bring in the Turkish navy since they already patrol parts of its waters. Once the verdict is given they’ll move in.
Also Kenya wants to drill for oil and already has sold rights in the disputed territory. The firms that bought the rights have European governments as shareholders which means that they expect them to follow the law. If the court decides in Somalias favor then all of the oil companies are forced to leave.
Finally with an ailing economy kenya can’t risk going against international order.

Is it worth going to war with your biggest trading partners?

Hii ujinga toa hapa. Turkey is not patrolling any waters in Somali or the horn of Africa. That is an EU funded Somali anti piracy navy mission. Turkey navy is dead set on a war of arbitration with Egypt navy over it coast lines to even consider taking its few new frigates that far away. All other Turkish Navy ships are former usa navy ships that pentagon still has veto where Turkey can deploy them. Besides its foolish for Somali to think Turkey is closer to them than Kenya. A regional stable powerhouse Kenya over a failed state Somali. Turkey is helping KDF build its drone capabilities and armour that are being deployed at the common Kenya-Somali border. Second of all Kenya gave Qatar its Lamu oil exploration blocks for exploration and development. The same Qatar that funds Somali government on almost everything. We have been playing this chess moves strategically and silently as Somali gets excited over non events. ENI of Italy and Qatar are joint partners in that venture. usa navy just deployed its multipurpose amphibious navy ship as mother base at our common border. As mother base at that strategic location it can launch different smaller boats and helicopters to patrol and search dhows/ships in the area should their help be required. Manda Bay base Lamu is being expanded, beefed up and enhanced as a joint KDF-usa special forces base for missions in Jubbaland and Somali. Kenya Coast Guard will soon move in at Ra’s Kamboni at the exact border of Kenya and Somali to beef up Kenya Navy patrols and search on dhows traffic into our waters. We are ready. Nyinyi mjiongeleshe huko Hague. Don’t be surprised by turns of events there. No one will allow Somali to start another nuisance in a world that already has too many areas of interest for the UN and international community. Somali are on their own in this.

USA is more capitalistic and it will take a 2 cm rock if they have to

White people dont follow international laws

But there can be no verdict if one party fails to attend to court proceedings.


Looking at the border with Tanzania, the Somalis have a legitimate case