new tax on second hand items

When does the new tax directive on mtumba goods take effect?

If 40 ft container as per now of second hand clothing duty ni 1,560,000 kshs, if they standardise for imported second hand clothing at 1,000,000 kshs, it means traders of second hand clothing are happy for the decrease in value
I deal with clearance of second hand clothing traders whose work right now iko down because duty was increased by 350 to 400 k, nipe Kazi buda, hii directive niliskia Kra officer wakiongea itakuwa effected hivi karibuni

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Wah! 1.56M?

Its even more. I paid 1.9m for everything including CFS etc.

I need to know when exactly it will come into effect so I can plan. My clearing agent tells me it won’t have any effect. Don’t know why I doubt that

At 1.8-1.9m per container its like the govt is trying to kill this business.

But there is hop if it is reduced to 1M

1.9m,hiyo nakataa, walipia nini, mtumba wacha iwe kpa nomination, that save on Port charges and ensures there’s no demurrage for container, mimi grade 2 second hand clothing total 1,849,000 mzigo ikufikie kwako

When will the new tax tax effect