Wadau, I just got a message from NTSA saying that they have “discovered” that my MV is not fitted with a functional speed limiter. Consequently, the message says, the MV is deemed unroadworthy :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:!!!

The message continues to demand that I immediately fit a speed limiter with the following specifications;

  • Speed limiting capability
  • Ability to record speed data
  • Ability to transmit speed data every 5 seconds (presumably to NTSA traffic management system if it exists)

Are double-cabs required to be fitted with speed limiters or is this a new requirement?

I got the same too. Fuck ntsa

Double cabs are classified as pick ups and therefore commercial vehicles, and all commercial vehicles should have governors…

Actually, the last time I checked, double cab are classified as private.

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Uhuru classified double cabs as private vehicles but hasora amesema they are commercial vehicles and you must pay tax.


How does fitting a speed limiter equate to tax?
Hang on, is the kafment trading in speed limiters?

Visited NTSA to get clarification on this issue. They told me to ignore the message.


Mkuduwazi double cabs are private vehicles ata haziekangwi chevrons .